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Monday, July 23, 2018

Pregnancy Rewind

I'm finally pregnant and oh my goodness it's amazing. We told our family and we told the world. The excitement and support was amazing and we couldn't be more happy to finally be in line with our dreams. I am embracing every single, symptom I have... slight morning sickness, extreme exhaustion, crazy cravings and the need to always pee! The weeks start to pass by super fast and then the fun stuff starts happening! Time for an ultrasound... I was so nervous going in. My head was filled with anxious what ifs.... Will there be a heart beat? Did the baby stop growing? Was there even a baby to start with? The ultrasound starts... after a few clicks and pure silence she turns the screen around and there it is, my precious little baby. Then the doctor found the baby's heart beat and to this day I can still remember the way hearing it for the first time made me feel. Im not sure of the actual statitics but I know once the heartbeat is heard the chance for miscarriage decreases significantly. We were over the moon with happiness. This was really happening.

The time finally came for the gender reveal! Mommy's heart said boy but daddy's heart said girl. The plan was to find out during the photos we were having done... but once they told us the results were in   we didn't want to wait any longer. On a 3 way call we got the news that we were having a precious baby girl. Now of course I was happy to have a healthy baby either way... but I can't lie and say there wasn't a little bit of upset that it wasn't a boy. I cried and then did what I do best... I went shopping! Walking through the store I kept saying her name out loud while rubbing my belly. It was then I realized I'm going to have a life long best friend. Someone who will always want to tag along for shopping, cooking, baking, and who will eventually be a mom herself. I get to teach her all the things my mom taught me, and instill all my strength into her. We whole heartedly believe that whatever this little girl does will change the world, because she changed ours. We have had her name picked out for a while, Sailor Augustine Lindsey, our world changer.

Photo Credit: Aliza Wager photography
Over the next few months we had baby showers, maternity pictures, and nursery set up! We were showered with so much love and tons of amazing gifts from friends and family. Being able to celebrate such a huge accomplishment with our supporters was amazing. We are so grateful for the prayers that carried us through our infertility journey and the whole 9 months of my pregnancy. 

I continued to watch my belly grow, and was just counting down the days until my girl was here. Pregnancy is by far one of the hardest things I've done...but it was my favorite. I loved feeling her move and kick and I loved growing everyday knowing that I was creating my perfect angel. Sometimes it was hard to walk, breathe and sleep but looking back it was way more that worth it and I would do it for 9 more months for the same outcome. 

Photo Credit: Ashely Petersen


  1. This is so precious. Yes, I wanted a boy first! I just wanted the lead to be a male since that is their role (very traditional here), but having a girl to do all the girl stuff is fun. My daughter (3) loves for me to do her nails and she says stuff like, "I'm going to be a mommy, like you" just warms my heart.

  2. Baby if I close my eyes now I can just see all the moments flash by! All the joy and learning and everything else! I’m so glad that our journey has led us to where we are now. ���� I love you and our beautiful amazing wonderful World Changing Sailor!!!

  3. Enjoy each phase. It all goes by so fast. Congrats.

  4. Congrats!! How exciting! I love all of your pictures to capture these special moments!

  5. Congratulations! We have three boys over here, and of course, we started out hoping for a girl with our first. The wonderful thing about motherhood is that you quickly realize that you are, and would have been, madly in love either way.