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Wednesday, July 18, 2018

Another Angel

From the moment we found out I was expecting, we were so excited. Finally we get to be the parents that we've dreamed of. Finally after 11 month of trying to conceive, we get the baby that we've been dying to kiss and hug. Of  course we still had lots of pregnancy in front of us... but we could do it. I was so excited to learn that I get to carry my baby in my body for 9 months, helping him or her grow. We were of course very scared, but we knew this HAS to be our month. This is what made the last hard 11 month, even more worth it. Having had previous losses, fear was something that was to be expected. But it did not in anyway prepare us for the news that we would be losing our 3rd pregnancy. We thought we could take that news. We will be okay. And then the doctor called. Because of all that had gone on with my body we knew what the outcome would be. There was still a huge part of us that was hopeful, thinking maybe the doctor would say all my levels were normal. We knew right away that we wanted to let people know that I was pregnant, regardless of the outcome! We didn't run and tell the whole world right away but we did tell. Why should it be something for us be quiet about? If just a few weeks of pregnancy is all I will ever get, I want to celebrate the little bit I have. I am thankful for every single second I got to carry my sweet Angel in my body. I am thankful that, this baby made their presence known from early on. Im glad I couldn't get out of bed for a few days, and that I was constantly forgetting things. Not being able to eat the things I love. Going back and forth to the bathroom because I always had to pee! Those are the things I will cherish, because for those short weeks I was growing my baby. We will always remember the moments we dreamed for this baby. We love you and we can't wait for the day we get to hold you in our arms. -Mommy & Daddy

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