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Tuesday, August 7, 2018

The Birth of Sailor Augustine

November 30th, 2017-That day started a little different then most days. I woke up 36 weeks and 6 days pregnant, and full of energy! I had a few errands to run and and then a doctors appointment. I wobbled out of bed to shower, and SHAVE MY LEGS yes at almost full term I shaved my legs. It was so hard but I don't regret it one bit! I got ready and then left for the day. I ran my errands, jammed some music, and ate some chickfila in my car. Finally made it to my appointment still feeling amazing and full of energy. My whole pregnancy I had dreamt of having my daughter naturally at a birth center. I took classes to prepare me for that, so I felt ready, nervous but ready. The teacher of my class assured us a bunch of times that it is rare for 1st time moms to go super early, and they are usually late. So we booked my husbands plane ticket for the 11th of December, so we could have some time together before we had our girl. Now in the past at appointments I would initially have higher blood pressure, due to being nervous, and from moving around. The midwife waited until the end of my appointment to check. 160/119 She checked 3 more times and it never lowered. That's when my whole plan had to change. She told me they would send me to the hospital to have me checked out but I would not be able to have my birth center, birth. I was heart broken. So she loaded me into the car and drove me the 3 minutes down the road to the hospital. At this point I was worried, but still not ready for what was to come next. That high of blood pressure was very alarming and they were unsure how I was feeling normal and even still conscious. Once hooked up to the monitors, after being asked a billion questions, they tell me I'm not leaving until we have the baby. And that's when the real panic set in, my husband was 1000 miles away, I was alone, and I didn't have any of my stuff with me. I got in contact with my husband and my family so everyone was in the loop. I'm sure there were 101 things going on behind the scenes to get everyone there. Once my family started to arrive my nerves were calmed. The baby was still moving fine and had all normal activity. I was also notified that I did not have pre-eclampsia which is very dangerous. I had gestational hypertension, which is very common.

A few hours passed and my husband had a flight out at the end of the night. He would make it to Denver around 12am. My midwife decided to put me on the induction medication at that time. Waiting for him to get there felt like forever, but once he finally made it, I felt so much relief. Then it finally was real... We are having a baby!! They gave the meds and checked me, I was 1.5 cm dilated... it was going to be a long ride. We took our last picture of it being just the 2 of us and settled in for a night of "rest"!

December 1st, 2017-After a night of constant blood pressure checks, continuous fetal monitoring, and what felt like very little sleep, we braced ourselves for the day! We were absolutely sure today would be at the day she was born. They gave me another round of meds to hopefully speed things up. When the next check rolled around thats when we realized my body was really no where near ready for labor. I was till at an 1.5cm. It was decided to try a foley catheter to help manually dilate my cervix. About an hour or so later I started to feel strong pain, and I was set that I needed and epidural. The nurse suggested that I try the bath tub, so I did and I felt so much relief. Soon after getting out, the balloon fell out! That put me at  4.5cm. It was about 7:30pm at that time, my family had been there all day and decided to wait the night out to. I was exhausted to say the least, so I got some sleeping meds and was out for most of the night!

December 2nd, 2017-  Today HAS to be the day I had my baby right??? I had been in the induction process for so long at this point, fear started to set in. Was I putting my baby and my body under too much stress? Would I need an emergency c-section? Was my body really made for birthing a baby? I was assured that I could do this and I was strong enough! It was finally time for some pitocin The day went on and I slowly started to progress. When I made it to 6cm they broke my water. After that everything started to move really fast. I felt a lot of pressure about an hour after my water broke and it was another huge gush of water, then the contractions came on. I was informed that my blood pressure would sky rocket every time I contracted and that they were worried it would eventually cause the baby stress. I was advised to get the epidural so it would help, and I did. As much as I didn't want one, it felt more important to me at that point that my baby was kept healthy. I got the epidural at around 6pm and I was feeling great! If I wasn't numb from the waist down I could have walked a mile! I did some more resting and spent more time laughing with family.  The next time they checked me, I was at 7.4 cm! I was given a huge yellow peanut ball for between my legs, and I know for certain that made a huge difference! At around 9:30pm I started feeling a lot of pressure... but the midwife was in another birth and couldn't check me. I was feeling the need to push and the pressure was almost constant! Once I finally got check at around 10:15pm, they told me I was at a 9.5 and that I couldn't push just yet! They set the room up for baby and turned on the huge bright lights. At 10:45pm I started to practice push... and she was coming down fast. My contractions slowed a bit, and I was able to talk, joke around, and even pick some music to play in between them. I remember looking down and seeing her shoulders come out... I closed my eyes and then I heard her cry. At 11:06pm on December 2nd... My perfect angel was born! I was so scared to open my eyes, after everything we went through to get to her, it didn't feel real. I felt that if I opened my eyes I would wake up to reality and she wouldn't be there. But it was real... She was real. Sailor Augustine, you will never truly understand the way you changed me on that day. Our golden hour flew by, and it was time to hand her off to daddy! He was in love and you could see it all over him. My birth may not have went according to plan... It was very long, emotional and physically exhausting. I would do it all over the same just to have my girl.